Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Falconry is a passion and a sport in the United Arab Emirates as well as rest of the Middle East. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is world’s first and premier hospital for these remarkable birds.

Premier hospital

Falcons are treasured birds in the Middle East and have been for over 2000 years. Usually, seen among the wealthy and royal members of the society, Falconry is still a niche sport. At this award-winning hospital, you can expect to see falcons from the who’s who of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the rest of the Gulf. The waiting room is a memorable sight as handlers wait with their beloved birds (always hooded) who sit on their green-carpeted perches in a dignified manner.

The Falcon Hospital ensures that these prized hunting birds are healthy and disease-free. Naturally, there is plenty of bandaging, suturing and the odd surgery too. After all, these birds do live aggressive predatory lifestyles.

Medical attention and more

This isn’t just a place to fix birds but also a care facility that pampers them. Yes, beaks are polished, talons are sharpened and sometimes, lost feathers are replaced. The Hospital also issues Falcon Passports where required. You can attend their guided tours that take you through the hospital’s luxurious wards and a museum devoted to falcons. The hospital also has an aviary for the birds where they can fly freely.

There are well-appointed gardens within the hospital premises for you to enjoy too. It is an unusual but intriguing destination.

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