Hong Kong

Aberdeen Harbour

A scenic bay on the south coast of Hong Kong Island where you can find floating restaurants, fun sampan rides, and a wholesale fish market. The quaint fishing village offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s business district.

When the British arrived in Hong Kong, Aberdeen Harbour was the very first place where they set foot on. Since then, the fishing village has been a thriving business district for sea-based products. But unlike the modern landscape surrounding it, Aberdeen Harbour maintained some of its rustic appeal.

Explore Hong Kong culture at Aberdeen Harbour

Touring the colourful Aberdeen Harbour is enjoyable in part thanks to the sampan rides – these wooden boats for sightseeing are found along the harbor. There is no need to pre-book. Some of the places that the sampans will pass through are under the Ap Lei Chau Bridge, Aberdeen Marina, and the shipyards. The tour is quick but fun because you get to visit a lot of locations around the harbor.

Delicious seafood

As a fishing village, Aberdeen Harbour has several floating restaurants. The largest one is the huge triple-decker Jumbo restaurant with a capacity of 2000 guests. Most of the restaurants in this area serve good quality seafood. Rates can vary so you can find a good meal that’s within your budget.