The 9 Streets

A quaint shopping district known for its selection of independent and vintage boutiques.

Nine Streets, Dozens of Shops

Amsterdam is a large city with many streets, but if you ask for “De 9 Straatjes,” everyone will know which streets you mean. These nine cobblestone streets run between the some of Amsterdam’s most prominent canals, and together they form one of the most famous shopping districts in the city.

Independent and Vintage Fashions

While visitors will find some big-name brands in this area, The Nine Streets are better known for their independent boutiques. There are plenty of vintage stores, upscale and otherwise, so it’s easy to find classic Dutch fashion at any price. There’s a full list of shops on the district’s official website.

Shopping is not the neighborhood’s only draw–the area also features many cafés and galleries. History buffs can marvel at the centuries-old architecture, as the streets date back to the 1600’s. Those who are searching for more than just simple souvenirs will find an enormous selection of quality goods in The Nine Streets.