360 Chicago Observation Deck

Sufferers of vertigo should stop reading now as we’re about to discuss Chicago’s tallest attraction, the 360 Chicago Observation Deck. Located inside the Hancock Building, the observation deck stands a whopping 1000 feet above ground level and boasts magnificent views over the cities skyline.

What to Do

Enter the John Hancock Building at ground level and begin by visiting the ground floor museum which explores the Windy Cities history. Next, ride the elevator up to the 94th floor (the elevator travels at 20 miles an hour!). Once at the top you’ll step out into the impressive 360 observation deck and enjoy panoramic views as far as the eye can see. If all that sightseeing leaves you peckish, head to the observation café and bar for nibbles and drinks.


If there’s a thrill seeker amongst you, then the Observation TILT Experience should be on your to-do list. TILT is Chicago’s highest thrill ride and sees participants head out onto a tilted window of the Observation deck and lean over the edge for a knee dropping view of the pavement below.