Dolphin Cove

Dolphin cove falls under the category of most popular tourist attraction in the Caribbean. It is found in Jamaica in a magnificent parish in the north.

Dolphin Cove is a unique tourist destination which have gained popularity and achieved awards twice in a row for winning the World Travel awards. Founded in 2001, Dolphin cove has been a place for tourists and locals alike. The cost is $30 for children and $45 for adults. Toddlers are free. Food and transportation to the place is not included. It is opened from 6 am to 5 pm.

Dolphin Cove is famous because of its various activities. You can make you and your family enjoy the wonders on the Jungle trail walk where you will get the chance to touch, talk and feed exotic animals like birds, snakes and iguanas. Dolphins and sharks are waiting to have that once in a lifetime swim with you and they are really friendly. You will get the opportunity to snorkel and look at stingrays and even touch them. Pop out your camera because these life changing experiences must be captured.

If you are not into the swimming stuff, you can go kayaking in a glass bottom kayak to the beautiful coral reef of the Caribbean Sea. Mini-boats are also available for people who want to travel on the coastline of the area. It’s just a place filled with fun things to do. You can even go camel back riding and watch the funny shark shows that are performed on a daily basis. Don’t let this opportunity miss you, add dolphin cove to your to do list now.