Hong Kong

1881 Heritage

Who would’ve thought that a place where pirates were once incarcerated could become a top cultural attraction? As strange as it sounds, that is the story of the beautifully restored historic buildings at 1881 Heritage.

Police headquarters to heritage site

1881 Heritage is a building complex that housed the erstwhile Marine Police Headquarters from its construction in 1884 until as late as 1996. In an extensive restoration that had to meet stringent global conservation standards, the site was transformed into a fabulous cultural and shopping destination.  The elegant Victorian buildings have been designated as Declared Monuments of Hong Kong.

Where culture and luxury meet

1881 Heritage is a historic landmark in Hong Kong as well as a luxury shopping destination featuring several flagship stores of top brands. The site also boasts a Heritage Hotel, a renovated Time Ball Tower, a piazza floor etched with a nautical map of the city, colonial stairways complimented by fountains, Victorian arches and more.

1881 Heritage is a place where time seems to have stood still and yet, the place bustles with modernity, an incongruity that makes it a memorable destination.


Handy Tips:

  • You might enjoy a glimpse of the ancient tradition of setting time by dropping a time ball at 01:00 pm each day at the Time Ball Tower.
  • 1881 Heritage is enchanting during festive times especially Chinese New Year and Christmas.