100 Maneiras

From Serbian-born chef Ljubomir Stanisic, 100 Maneiras brings style to authentic dishes inspired by Portuguese, Yugoslavic, French and other international cuisines.

Stanisic enjoys one of the highest chef reputations in Portugal and beyond. Starting from his home in Belgrade, his career has taken him across Europe and, finally, Lisbon.

Inventive and New

The menu at 100 Maneiras changes daily, according to seasonality and local availability. With two locations, diners can look forward to unique and tasty dishes–some including the trendy molecular style of cooking. The Restaurant location offers a tasting menu only evening, with additional offerings of wine pairings. The Bistro location is a la carte, with a broad selection for every apetite

Surprise and Challenge

100 Maneiras encourages its patrons to broaden their horizons and try something new. Their wine pairings–and full wine selection–offer the opportunity to explore amazing Portuguese wines. Every dish brings something new to the table–whether its sweatbreads for the adventurous or classic Iberian pork with its unexpected beetroot polenta.

Stay at home!

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