Kuala Lumpur

1 Utama

1 Utama is Malaysia’s largest shopping mall and boasts South-East Asia’s largest rooftop garden, a massive indoor rainforest and more.

Shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure

Opened in 1995, 1 Utama is often credited with ushering in luxury shopping on a grand scale to the country. Its huge space has been designated into zones to facilitate ease for visitors, shoppers and diners.

  • Highstreet brings you global fashion trends with designer labels and haute couture at its best.
  • Oval, a large central atrium, is a promotional space that regularly features concerts and fashions shows.
  • Rainforest is a unique concept that places restaurants and cafes amid an indoor forest complete with a koi pond and a suspension bridge.
  • Entertainment and Sports Zones are for movie buffs, gamers and sports fans.
  • Secret Garden is a 30,000 sq. ft. rooftop garden and is popular with tourists.

With over 700 stores, dining, leisure and entertainment outlets, 1 Utama is a place for the whole family.