By Car

Whilst not absolutely essential, undoubtedly the best way to see as much of the island as possible in a short space of time is by hire car.   You can pre-book online or on arrival at the airport.  Be aware – car hire is not always conveniently available in town – very often you have to wait for a car to be brought from the airport.

Top Tip – shop around.  Prices really do vary, AND always read the terms and conditions.  Most companies specify payment by credit card (not debit) which you have to produce on arrival.  The wrong, or no card, may mean no car or you will be penalised with extra charges.

By Bus

If you prefer not to drive then research local bus services.  The main provider is ARST (Regional Transport of Sardinia)

Airport – Alghero – Bosa

Arst 9312 provides a direct service from airport to Bosa four or five times a day (depending upon season), usually but not always to coincide with main flight arrivals (b us timetables may not change but flight schedules do each year).|* 

The journey, along the spectacular coastal route, takes one hour 20 minutes. 

Buying your Ticket

The fare depends on where you buy your ticket – it is more expensive at the airport, but you don’t really have an alternative!  You will need to buy your ticket from the machine in the airport (English language instructions are available), they are NOT sold on the bus. 

Once in Bosa, alighting at Piazza Zanetti, it is a 15-20 minute walk through the town centre to your accommodation.


Remember to buy your ticket (“biglietto”) before boarding the bus. There are designated place, usually bars, and timetables are displayed here. Always double check times when you are in town to ensure you co-ordinate with flight check-in times.

Top Tip – there are seasonal variations to bus times, split 16 June to 15 September, and 16 September to 15 June so do check the keys shown on the timetables.  Some buses are daily, some are weekdays or holidays only.

*On occasion the bus does not coincide with flight arrivals.  Suggestion: take a bus into Alghero town (FDS, on the hour from the airport, a 15 minute ride) and while away a few hours around this beautiful and interesting town before taking the next bus from Via Catalonia.

See our other article on Sightseeing Around Bosa.

Stay at home!

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