London, England


Buses are perhaps the most common, practical, and effective methods of getting around London. A single bus fare will cost you £1.5. Even when you switch between buses and trams, you’ll spend an average of £5 per day. Just get your bus and tram pass ready when you wait for them at a designated bus stop (which is the only place they’ll stop for you). Most London buses operate 24 hours.

The Tube

London’s underground railway system is popularly known as “The Tube.” It’s made up of 12 tubes within Greater London, the Docklands Railway, and a local train network. They run from 5 AM to midnight through the week, but reduced operating hours on Sunday. A single trip within a zone will cost about £4.5. They can get crowded sometimes, but they are quite accessible and can help you get to most major spots around London fast. There’s also a map to learn how to get around, making it easy to use even for first timers.


Popularly known as the “black cabs”, this metered transportation frequent London’s more prominent places. The rate starts at £2.4, and the actual amount to be paid will vary depending on the destination, distance, and if they were booked on a holiday. For safety purposes, make sure to book cabs via the right agency and never go with drivers who approach passengers and offer rides. Note: it is also illegal to un-book a minicab.


London’s over ground train services reaches out across London, even beyond the Tube. It’s made up of multiple railway companies that are interconnected. Passengers can book their tickets ahead through the proper offices or online.


London is also famous for its public bike sharing scheme. For only £2, the bike user can take any one of the bicycles from their designated stations and go anywhere. Bike users just have to return them through hundreds of docking stations all over London. The first 30 minutes is free, so bikers who use these bikes for less than that time will only pay the minimum £2.

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