Meet Belgrade, Serbia–Where Good Time and Entertainment are Guaranteed

The Capital of Serbia is a popular European weekend destination, with rich nightlife, a couple of great architectural gems and a myriad of interesting museums and galleries. Although most people from neighboring countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, etc.) flock to Belgrade to enjoy its bars, restaurants and clubs, leaving out its rich history and culture would be a severe omission. Read on to find out more.

Belgrade as European capital of entertainment and nightlife

Belgrade abounds with clubs throughout the city, and you can check some of them on the website. Some of them are located within the city, the others along the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers. They offer various types of entertainment with popular, ethno, disco and other types of music. Among others, you should check out Gradimir (ethno music in a Serbian inn), Barutana (The Gunpowder Magazine) – under the Kalemegdan Fortress, Akademija (The Academy) – local and international DJs performances, and Bitef Art Caffe – located in an old Evangelistic Church and featuring popular music of 80s and 90s.

You don’t want to miss Belgrade’s top attractions

To visit some of the Belgrade’s best tourist attractions you don’t have to get distanced from the city center. Just follow the straight line from the St. Sava Plateau to the Kalemegdan Fortress, lined with numerous stores and restaurants, and you’ll see one of the largest Christian Orthodox temples in the world (St. Sava Temple), the impressive building of the National Parliament, the New Palace (the presidential office) and the Old Palace, the National Museum and the National Theatre at the Republic Square and the medieval Kalemegdan Fortress, with children play areas, a few museums and galleries, the zoo and amazing panoramic views.

If you are willing to make a few turns once you reach Knez Mihailova Street, make sure to visit Skadarlija (the bohemian hub of Belgrade with extraordinary restaurants), ? Restaurant – the oldest existing restaurant in Belgrade nested in the 19th century inn, the Residence of Princess Ljubica (an exhibition about the 19th century Belgrade) and the Cathedral Church – richly decorated with graves of a few big Serbian 19th century rulers and reformers.

During weekends from April to October, you can visit the Royal Palaces Complex in Dedinje. Featuring expansive gardens and Royal and White Palaces, the complex is another pearl of the Serbian capital.

Explore Belgrade’s natural resort areas

Belgrade boasts a couple of beautiful natural and relaxation areas popular with locals and tourists. Ada Ciganlija is most popular, featuring a large artificial lake (so-called Belgrade Sea) with a bunch of restaurants and bars lining its beaches, sport grounds, cycling paths and water sports facilities. Kosutnjak is a wooded resort area, with hiking paths, picnic areas, open-air swimming pools for children and adults and occasional sport courts and hospitable facilities. If you don’t mind taking a short trip out of Belgrade, you can enjoy the best panoramic views of Belgrade and its surroundings from the Avala Mountain.

In the Belgrade’s core you can also enjoy a couple of parks, and the Students’ Park, the Pioneer Park and the Tasmajdan Park are most convenient.

Useful information

Most of Belgrade attractions and tourist related facilities can be toured on foot (the Belgrade center), and although it’s frequented by people needing a small respite during the week, it has much more to offer. Although prices in stores are pretty much like in other European city-destinations (tending to be even higher), you can tour its comprehensive museums and galleries for a few Euros at most. As for the restaurants and clubs, you’ll find that the rates don’t vary significantly when compared to other popular European destinations.

The official currency in Belgrade and Serbia is RSD, and for 1 EUR you get approximately 120 RSD. The best time to visit Belgrade is in spring and autumn, when the weather is most pleasant for the outdoor activities. Winters are generally moderate, with short freezing periods, while the summer tends to be very hot in the city and pleasant in the resort areas.


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