Oxford, England

"And that sweet city with her dreaming spires, She needs not June for beauty's heightening … " When Matthew Arnold, a former student of Oxford University wrote those lines about the city, it caught the imagination of the townsfolk and the university residents. More than a century later, the sobriquet, ‘the city of dreaming spires’ still holds true, quite grandly.

Welcome to Oxford, a city that is steeped in history, resplendent in architectural glory and home to the world’s most prestigious university – the University of Oxford. The city has welcomed visitors in search of learning for several centuries and it continues to embrace those who come to catch a glimpse of Oxford’s unique charm.

Staying at Oxford

The city offers a variety of places to make the most of your visit to Oxford. From luxurious 5-star accommodation at the Randolph Hotel to elegant Manor residences, you can take your pick. The adventurous can choose to stay at the Malmaison, a hotel housed in former prison premises within Oxford Castle.

Wine and dine

The city boasts of several excellent restaurants housed in quaint and extraordinary sites. Some of you might fancy dining within a glasshouse at Gee’s restaurant or within a museum at the trendy Ashmolean Dining Room. Or would you consider a meal under the roof of a Cathedral at the Vaults and Garden or perhaps at the Cherwell Boathouse by a tranquil river? There are several other exciting food destinations and pubs in the city for you to discover.

Shopping for fun

Oxford offers you the opportunity to shop at malls, trendy boutiques, niche stores, thrift shops, farmer’s markets and more! From pre-loved treasures at the Oxfam store to unusual souvenirs from Scriptum, artisan breads on Little Clarendon Street to street food at the Covered Market, Oxford has something for everyone.

Art, history and culture

The city is an ideal destination for art lovers and those who appreciate architecture. You can enjoy the Baroque influence on the Radcliffe Camera, the English Gothic style of the Bodleian Library, the Saxon St. George’s Tower and the Norman ruins at Oxford Castle. There are several other majestic historic monuments and churches here that are fine examples of craftsmanship and creativity.

Finally, the best way to imbibe the spirit of Oxford is to go punting on the Thames or Cherwell along lush green meadows, parks and grand old buildings. It’s the perfect way to ensure the city stays with you forever.




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