London, England

London, a gorgeously Gothic but magnificently modern metropolis, is a delightful destination for global travelers. The capital city has successfully merged its rich heritage and history with its avant-garde outlook to become a global leader in arts, education, finance, technology and more. And the fact that it has a working monarchy makes the charm of London even more irresistible.

Founded by Romans two thousand years ago, as Londinium, the city has always echoed with the busy hum-thrum that accompanies all great cities. Like the Seine in Paris, London has grown around the River Thames as it continues to define the city’s geography and customs.

Fascinating attractions

Today, London continues to preserve its old world charm and offers her visitors an unrivaled view into its glorious past through the ancient Tower of London, the resplendent Buckingham Palace and the iconic Trafalgar Square. Besides scores of historic monuments, London also has several modern attractions like the London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium and the latest addition to the city’s skyline, the Shard. London, home to the world’s biggest airport, welcomes the largest number of tourists every year and with four World Heritage sites including the Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace, is the global cultural capital of the world.

Memorable culinary experiences 

London is also the place to experience diverse cuisine and cultures. You can choose from fine dining in Michelin-starred restaurants like the two-starred Dinner by Heston Blumenthal to tapas style at Ember Yard or great steak from Hawksmoor or Goodman. We, at Travel Expert, recommend that every visitor to London pay homage to a classic English tradition with Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House. London offers travelers a memorable culinary adventure. London is well-connected by a network of railways and the underground metro, also fondly known as the Tube. Of course, there are the iconic red double-decker buses and distinctive black cabs, to transport you where the rail network does not reach.

London is a city that does not cease to amaze which is why it continues to remain the world’s most visited city.


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