To some, she’s the city of love and to others, the city of lights. Welcome to Paris, a city bursting with magnificent art and rich cultural heritage.

Rich in history

Founded in 3rd century BC, Paris has stood tall as a beacon of civilization through the ages. It is no different now. Millions of people throng to the city every year to savor a glimpse of her cultural opulence – priceless works of art, historical opera houses, haute cuisine at elegant restaurants, fashion shows and glorious cathedrals from the Middle Ages that have held out against the ravages of time.

Grand palaces surrounded by spectacular gardens stand head-to-head with modern skyscrapers that gleam with French pride. The city is also home to the enigmatic Mona Lisa and residence of that iconic 1063-feet high symbol of French triumph, the Eiffel Tower.

A destination for all ages

Paris is a destination for the family too. The city is a shopper’s paradise while little ones can let their imagination soar at Disneyland Paris or Parc Asterix.

Summers are magical in Paris and the most favored time of the year for tourists. However, peak crowds often mean peak rates. Winter isn’t entirely unfriendly, though. It snows a bit but you’ll rarely see iced roads. As a bonus, it’s also when the city lights up with festive decoration.

Paris has a well-connected Metro network that covers most tourist destinations. The versatile Paris Passlib’ takes the stress out of your holiday by combining metro travel, sightseeing tours, admission fees and on occasion, a cruise on the Seine.

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