Soaring ice-capped mountains, vast savannah plains, thundering waterfalls, vast lakes, unspoiled lush forests occupied by animals of every color and hue, Uganda boasts all the best that Africa has to offer.

Uganda, a nation known for its rich biodiversity, natural wealth and beauty, has risen Phoenix-like out of the ashes of its past. Over the past few decades, the country has successfully shaken off the dark clouds that lingered from bygone times. Today, Uganda shines as a symbol of hope in Africa and the world once again gets to see the incredible splendor of the nation.

Rich national heritage

The landlocked nation of Uganda shares its borders with Kenya, South Sudan, Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. Its capital Kampala is known for encompassing seven hills including the historically significant Kasubi Hill, home to the regal Kasubi Tombs. This sprawling stretch of 64 acres is where four kabakas (kings of Buganda) were buried and is currently designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Namirembe Hill is home to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the oldest church in Uganda. On the outskirts of the capital city, is the Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine at Numogongo, a reflective monument to martyrs who died for their faith. The city also hosts the Ugandan Museum, the serene Baha’i House of Worship, Uganda National Theatre and the bustling Nakasero Market.

Geographical significance

Uganda is one of the 11 countries through which the Equator passes. This geographical distinction causes some geophysical oddities that can be experienced only at Uganda Equator. And yes, you do weigh a little less here. The mighty Nile also traces its origins to a diminutive little town in Uganda called Jinja on the shores of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria.

Incredible flora and fauna

Uganda’s wildlife and great forests draw large numbers of global tourists every year. The nation is home to a large number of national parks including Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Mount Elgon National Park. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a safe haven for nearly half the world’s population of the magnificent but endangered Mountain Gorillas. Uganda’s lakes and rivers like Lake Mutanda and Kazinga Channel offer a fantastic lookout point for a large variety of birds and animals.

Uganda is a unique destination and a visit to this country offers you an entrancing view into the beauty and mystery of Africa.


Capital: Kampala

Largest Airport: Entebbe International Airport

Languages: English, Luganda, Swahili,

Currency: Ugandan Shilling

Climate: Tropical


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