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“Travel Expert stands out from the crowd by offering high quality reviews about selected destinations, presented in a beautiful website and in development, a suite of stunning apps.”

Travel Expert.wiki website is a development of our successful app ‘Travel Expert‘ (available on the Apple App Store, currently for groups but being expanded progressively for the public). This software was originally designed for Flight and Cabin Crew to discuss ideas for things to do when travelling and is now being extended for public use. Hence the inspiration for a travel website to accompany the app. (See more about the app here).

Our policy is to engage with the audience by offering a superb user experience. Reviews must normally be positive and helpful – explaining HOW and WHY to do something. At the moment the site is in its infancy, hence calling out for Travel Writers…

When you become a travel writer with Travel Expert, your work may be published and publicly available under your name – helping you raise your profile and SEO if you chose to link to other sites. Once you have written a number of reviews and articles, you might also have your own biog page to further raise your profile.

According to GoDaddy, the search term’ Travel Expert’ is used in Google 250,000 times per year, so we are aiming for high footfall on the website. Phase One of development is to expand the Travel Expert network of reviews to cover most global sites of travel interest. This is done by expending the number of active travel writers contributing to Travel Expert. By increasing the size of the website and the number of reviews, as well as behind the scenes work, we should raise our SEO strength. Phase Two hopes to see greater revenue generation when we use the public database of reviews to create commercially available media. Customers may pay for these and you will be given a proportion of the income. (Details are to be confirmed, but the plan is for Travel Expert Authors to share a proportional percentage of the income from books and iBooks, the division being proportional to the number of articles / directory items you have contributed).

We believe that other, larger travel review sites have their place, however they are so overly comprehensive that the user struggles to find quality information. With your help, we provide key information for the user and their chosen destination, making it simple and fun for them to plan.

Wherever you are in the world; on a boat, on a beach or at the back of beyond, consider being a travel writer for Travel Expert.

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